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Pay a visit to local artists


In case you are interested in art and might wish to visit one of the local active artists, please find information below, to enable the planning of your visits.
Several of the artists chosen by us are happy to welcome guests in their ateliers, but please let them know in advance, when you may wish to pay them a visit, to make sure that you do not go there in vain.

Lene Bjerg, Ceramics                            

Ellan Madsen, Ceramics                    

Jørgen Glud, Sculptures, stone carving


Suzanne Lastrina, Painter, Collages   


Bent Madsen, Paintings             

Jennie Katva, Paintings, Graphics                          

Dorte Christensen, Paintings           

Mette Pind, Paintings                                  

Margit Pilheden, Tekstiles          

Aase Hviid Flowers decorations                                                     



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