Holmriis Design

Astrid Holmriis - Artist

I paint and exhibit my various paintings in the room Atelieret.

The view from Søgaarden is quite fantastic and therefore gives good inspiration to my paintings. From here I can follow the seasons of the year and see, how the colours of the landscape constantly change.

I paint with acrylic paint and often use a filling knife to express what I feel.
Using several coatings of paint, I achieve a structure that gives the painting depth and life.

Several of my paintings are specially made for the individual customer.
My paintings containing transferred photos are a different and exiting way to present a portrait.

I make the small whisky icons (20x20 cm) on request. Here the customer sends me the materials they want to be part of the picture.

 In case you wish to get a couple of paintings to choose between, this is usually possible.

Having the scenes and the models right outside my door, I have been able to make a number of colourful and vivid  paintings. 70x70 cm. DKK 3,500,- each.

Astrid & Niels Holmriis - Himmestrupvej 8 - Lee - DK 8850 Bjerringbro - info@holmriis.com - +45 2040 3672
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