The Whisky Shop

The former Søgaarden's Whisky Shop has moved.

 To Herligheden at Storegade 24 in Bjerringbro, with the same dedication and cozy atmosphere that we have been known for since the shop's inception in 2000. Feel free to contact Niels Holmriis at +45 2223 1933 to arrange a visit to the shop, or simply drop by when the flag is out.

Specialised store with spirits from all around the world

We have drawn inspiration for the selection of our Whisky Shop through travels primarily to Scotland, as well as countless tastings and visits to our suppliers. We have whiskies from 8-10 different countries on our shelves, ranging from light whiskies with a touch of sweetness to dry ones with distinct smoky flavors, and more.
Additionally, we have predominantly rum from Central America, but also from Denmark.
Gin has also taken up a significant portion of our shelf space - exciting gins from countries like France, England, Germany, Japan, and Denmark.
We have a small selection of exquisite cognac from France, white and red port wine from Portugal, as well as sparkling white wine, white wine, and red wine.
Furthermore, in the Whisky Shop, you will find our own Gudenå Dram - Gudenå Bjesk and Gudenå Drøm, as well as mead and various bitters like Cool Coffee, and more.
Stop by and get inspired for a unique gift or simply treat yourself to a delicious bottle.
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