Astrid & Niels Holmriis

We welcome you to Homriis Bed'n'Breakfast.

From Søgaarden in Lee to BnB in Bjerringbro

The story of Holmriis B&B begins a long time ago:

In the hilly terrain between the Gudenå River and Nørreåen, 5 km north of Bjerringbro,
you will find the village of Lee beautifully situated in Tukjærdalen.
With the medieval church to the north and the village pond to the south, surrounded by fields and forests,
lies Søgaarden at Himmestrupvej 8.
Søgaarden is a beautiful old three-winged stone farm from 1900.

Until the beginning of the 1960s, the farm operated as a traditional Danish agricultural property,
with dairy cows and breeding pigs. At that time, the property had 23 acres of land
and could sustain a family with a farmhand and maid
as well as the older generation in the retirement house next to Søgaarden.
In the 1960s, the land was sold to "Gydegaarden," and since then, Søgaarden has been used as
a decommissioned agricultural property by several different owners.

Back to our roots:
In August 1986, we purchased the farm. Both of us have our roots in this region.
Astrid is from Bjerringbro, and Niels is from Terp near Ulstrup.

Since then, Søgaarden in Lee has been the perfect setting for our lives
with four healthy boys born between 1985 and 1995.
For the first ten years, we had sheep in the fields and in the stable to the west.
The old stable to the east was converted into the graphic design studio Holmriis Design in 1992.

When our guests arrive at Søgaarden's cobblestone courtyard today,
adorned with climbing roses and lavender, they are greeted by our dog, the miniature Schnauzer "Pelle."
The two large whisky barrels indicate that they should not expect to find
cows and pigs in the beautifully restored barns.

Søgaarden's Whisky Shop is a specialty store with whisky,
which we have set up in one wing of the farm.
Sales began after a whisky tasting in January 2000.
At that time, Niels had developed an interest in the Scottish national drink and wanted to host
a tasting event here in the village.
The assortment in the shop has evolved over time and now includes
quality whiskies from around the world, as well as cognac, rum, liqueurs, and wines.
In the shop, we also have a small selection of handicrafts and gift items.

In 2005, we restored the barn to the west.
It was done in harmony with the age of the farm and now stands as a very exciting
building with brick floors, plastered walls, and high ceilings with visible beams.
The windows are specially made to resemble old stable windows.
A large part of the barn is used as a studio, where Astrid works on her creative projects.
The studio also regularly welcomes guests for various events
in connection with the Whisky Shop.
By prior arrangement, we can accommodate up to 25 people for activities such as whisky tastings,
coffee gatherings, meetings, or various creative courses.

In 2007, we opened Søgaarden's Bed & Breakfast.
Our oldest son had moved out, which allowed us to convert his room for guests.
All four of our sons have now moved out, but there is still a lot of activity at Søgaarden.
In our Bed & Breakfast, we now offer three cozy double rooms with shared toilet and bathroom,
in the courtyard wing connected to the Whisky Shop.
In the courtyard wing near the studio, we have created two fascinating rustic double rooms
with shared toilet and bathroom.
Throughout the year, we have many guests here at Søgaarden.
We enjoy welcoming our visitors who come from different parts of the world.

All of this is now in the past.
In the summer of 2022, we sold Søgaarden and moved into our house,
Herligheden, Storegade 24, in the center of Bjerringbro.
Here, we have now gathered many of our activities under one roof:
room rentals, breakfast service, Holmriis Design, the Whisky Shop,
and Holmriis Insurance Agency.
We enjoy being close to cultural life, shopping opportunities, the Gudenå River, and public transportation.

With warm regards,

Astrid & Niels Holmriis
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