Spend the night in Bjerringbro

- More than just a bed
Oldest house in town - old forge 

If you want a piece of history

Skovvejen 3, 8850 Bjerringbro
The history is clearly felt in the old blacksmith's shop with its modern interior. Cozy timber-framed house, completely renovated and ready. Optionally, you can rent the entire house and stay in historic surroundings.
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If you need room to stay

Storegade 24, 8850 Bjerringbro
If you are a group of up to eight people looking to stay together, Herligheden can provide you with everything you need. The master builder's villa offers 4 rooms specifically designed for accommodation, as well as meeting facilities.
Det gamle våbendepot ved Gudenåen

If you want to stay right on the water

Østergade 76A, 8850 Bjerringbro
Are you a fishing enthusiast? Or do you simply appreciate the magic of the Gudenå River? Then Aahuset is the perfect place for you. Charming thatched-roof house  with many intersting features and fit for a great stay.
Calm and quiet forest lodge

If you want the quiet of the deep woods

Skovagervej 15, 8850 Bjerringbro.
If you seek tranquility in the way that only a house in the middle of the forest can offer, we have the perfect place. The house, built in 1968, is situated on a secluded 5,500m2 plot of land. The property also includes a small garden house called "Bixen."
More than just a bed

The many businesses  of Holmriis

Storegade 24, 8850 Bjerringbro
We carry a lifetime of experiences with us, and we simply can't resist doing the things our hearts are drawn to. "Herligheden" is set up to house our many interest.
We offer graphic design, insurance management, a whiskey shop, and more.
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Your hosts

We have many years of experience with Bed & Breakfast and know what our customers value. Our Bed & Breakfast started at Søgaarden in Lee in 2007 with one room after our eldest son had moved out.

In 2015, we purchased the oldest house in Bjerringbro and named it Villa Zira.
In 2017, we expanded our business with Herligheden, located at Storegade 24 in the center of Bjerringbro.
In 2019, we acquired the historic vacation home AaHuset, which is situated right by the Gudenå River.
In 2019, Niels became independent with his company, Holmriis Insurance Agency.
In 2022, we sold Søgaarden in Lee and moved to Bjerringbro.
In 2023, we crossed the river and bought a vacation home in Skibelund. We now call the place Gudenå Lodge.
This summer, we are offering two mini vacations with accommodation and activities included.

A canoo-trip along Gudenåen  - 2 delightful vacation days in Central Jutland along the Gudenå River.
Slow down - 3 wonderful vacation days in the Gudenå Valley in the heart of Jutland.
We look forward to seeing you at Holmriis B&B.
At our place, you will stay in cozy and safe surroundings right in the heart of Bjerringbro.
Happy visitors

Our visitors tell us

What a lovely, bright, clean, and inviting place to arrive at. With inspiring decor and furniture, it's a refreshing haven after a 20 km hike on the Trækstien trail. The hospitality is delightful, and one can sleep well here.
Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that your stays here have provided a refreshing break from the usual mundane hotels. It's wonderful that you find peace for your soul here. Thank you for appreciating our informal approach and warm hospitality. Thank you for the moments of respite and heartfelt moments. And of course, you're welcome for the coffee. We look forward to welcoming you back for your future visits.
Martin Wendelboe
I'm thrilled to hear that your stay with us was a delightful experience. It's wonderful to know that you found the atmosphere to be of the highest quality and that the place has a romantic charm, perfect for those seeking it. Recharging all your "batteries" at full strength is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend. We appreciate your kind words and hope to welcome you back again soon.
Lars og Inge

The whisky shop

At Herligheden, in addition to the 4 rooms for B&B, we also operate the Whisky Shop. We regularly offer whisky and gin tastings and provide the opportunity to purchase a selection of whisky, rum, and gin.
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We have

Years of experience

Astrid is a graphic designer with her company Holmriis·design, which opened in 1992. Niels has Holmriis Insurance Agency and 35 years of experience in the financial sector.
In 2000, we opened Søgaarden's Whisky Shop. Today, it is called Whiskyshoppen. In 2007, we opened a Bed & Breakfast with the first room.
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